Hospice Care

South Coast Hospice provides comfort care when curative treatment is no longer the patient’s choice.  Care takes place in the patient’s home or residence in all settings and serves patients of all ages.  South Coast Hospice views the patient, family, and disease process from a holistic perspective addressing the physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual needs of each patient and family.  Our belief is that quality of life is as important as the length of life.

South Coast Hospice helps patients live life, one day at a time, instilling hope for the most out of every day.  We are here to help make your life more meaningful and to promote enjoyment of the people and things you have always loved.

Bereavement Support

South Coast Hospice’s Bereavement Support Groups are open to any member of the community who has lost a loved one.  Here are some important points regarding our groups.

  • A doctor speaks to a group of family members.
    A doctor speaks to a group of family members.

    Groups meet every other Tuesday of the month.

  • We focus on interpersonal support between members.
  • We share up-to-date curriculum regarding Resilient Grieving and its model.
  • We provide further bereavement support materials for those who might need them.
  • We provide a safe, caring environment for those who are grieving to share their stories, their feelings while finding a supportive environment.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, as are service animals.

For more information, or to register for a bereavement group, please call 541-269-2986, ask for Mia.